To Adorn Our Minds


9.75″ W x 10.5″ H

Mixed media in resin on wood. Framed

In order to see change in our thought life, we need to dignify our thoughts by dwelling on things that are good, noble and right.


This is one of the initial pieces of the Neuron Series.

About the Neuron Series

This body of work is what I refer to as, ‘The Neuron Series’, inspired by the journey I am walking alongside our daughter who has a rare genetic disorder.  In coming to better understand and embrace this reality as a parent, I never expected to become so intrigued by the complexity and beauty of the human mind.  My desire to grasp my daughter’s condition in greater depth led me to study the life of neurons and neuro-genesis.  Through this research, intrigue and hope in the mind’s ability to re-circuit itself around inflicted damage have become my inspiration for creating.

As I have learned, everything we think, feel and do is nearly impossible without the work of neurons and their intercommunication.  The mind is complex and full of potential with much of this transformative power housed in each miniscule neuron.  New hope presented itself to me through the intriguing discovery that even songbirds have the unique ability to regenerate neural pathways when learning new seasonal songs.  We all have parts of our minds that are untapped and/or in desperate need of restoration, some more visible than others.  However, part of the transformation process is intentionally learning new ways of thinking and living, much like the songbird learning a new seasonal song.

This series has provoked a greater depth of vulnerability and boldness in my art as I come into my role as a parent and advocate of my child.  Not only has the creation of this work given a voice to my grief, but it has conjured up hope and peace I have needed in the midst of this parenting whirlwind. What began as a way to understand and hope for the healing of my daughter’s mind, has developed into a plea for the slumbering areas of my own mind to awaken as well, imparting to both of us a new song.