His Delight


28″ W x 16″ H

Mixed media in resin on wood.

Prints were never intended to be made of this piece. The original was created when a friend asked for a sketch that exemplified God’s love for us. But Geinene does not make art half-heartedly.

Near the end of creating this piece it was discovered that Haven, Geinene’s baby girl, was diagnosed with a brain abnormality, resulting in developmental delays. Suddenly this piece took on greater significance.

The original is a variety of mixed media, layered in resin. The result is a piece with amazing depth. Extreme care was taken in the reproduction of this piece, combining two different photographs from an ultra high def camera.

Prints Available

Limited Edition Giclée

22″ x 12.5″ image on 24″ x 16″ paper
Print run of 50
Each print titled, numbered and signed by Geinene.
Varnished, printed with archival ink on archival paper.



About the Family Series


Some artists might see their families as something that gets in the way of creativity, something that slows a career.  But I have decided that my family should be my inspiration - all of its joy and all of its mess.  Maybe they do slow down my career - whatever that is.  But let me take slow, because with it comes the joy and meaning of doing life with my family.

Perhaps family themed art can be a little sentimental.  So be it.  What kind of mom would I be if I weren't a little emotionally attached to my family?