30″ W x 24″ H

Acrylic on Canvas

I gather stories of people who suffer from neurological, cognitive, or mental health issues and create art in response as a way to advocate and encourage.

“… I had to find a new normal both because I had no short-term and severely limited long-term memory at first. The neural information was still there, but the usual pathway to get that memory or ability was burned away… since then I don’t know what I don’t know, but I have gotten many memories back…

For me, trying to remember or reason or repeat something was like trying to hold onto water…”   

– David (US)

About the Neuron Series

My expressive paintings on neuron-centric subject matter advocate for communities in the realms of rare disease, neuroscience, and mental health. The content originated with my daughter’s rare genetic disorder. I became intrigued by the complexity and beauty of the human brain, inspired by the hope of its ability to re-circuit around inflicted damage.

I bring expressionistic, experiential fine art to the scientific community, yet incorporate scientific research and structure into the world of artistic expression. While the genre of digital neuro imaging is emerging, my unique approach weaves this ground-breaking content with human experience, creativity and painterly tradition - supporting fine art’s foothold amidst the growing influence of technology. My imagery intentionally blurs the lines of the abstract and physiological - recognizable as neurons to those with a trained eye but inclusive to all who are curious.