Art collaboration: Geinene responding to neuropathology images from researcher Dr. Kim Fiock.

Custom Art

I welcome the opportunity to work on commissions or custom art for clients. Listed are options to explore and examples. If interested, feel free to contact me directly.

Digital Image Use

Interested in having permission to use an image(s) of my artwork in a published manuscript? With a contract agreement and compensation, most if not all my copywritten images can be transformed into high-quality covers or supportive illustrations for online or printed articles. Artwork can make your medical, counseling or scientific manuscripts visually appealing.



Do you see a painting that interests you, but is sold? Or do you have an idea of your own you would like to see fleshed out? I am open for discussion on creating a unique artwork for your personal or work space.


Custom Stationary & Merch

A custom stationary for your clinic, lab or organization would include the image or image(s) of your choice to be the cover for folded blank greeting cards or postcard stationary with your logo added to the back.



I enjoy and find much inspiration in collaborating with people. Many of my pieces have originated from an interview with someone who provides the content I use for creating a work or even a series of art. These art pieces are more about the process of creating in cooperation and don’t necessarily end up in a direct art purchase by those involved in the collaboration. If you are interested in helping to inform a piece of art that is related in some form to an intersection of art, science and human experience, contact me to inquire about a potential partnership.


If you want to explore these or any other custom art options, then let’s talk!

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