Posts - Process

The Eve of An Exhibition Opening

It is the eve of an anticipated exhibition opening at Genema Gallery in Atlanta. Twenty-four hours before the curtain falls and all paintings are surprisingly dry, signed, varnished and framed. They lean against the wall eagerly waiting for careful transport and install later today.

Growth and Re-discovery

I am currently challenging myself by increasing the size of my two dimensional pieces. While the canvases are gradually growing, I am also seeking to incorporate new or resurrected materials.


Here is a glimpse of what multi-tasking looks like for a visual artist, most specifically me.

No Risk, No Gain

This idea of incorporating a bit of hand sewing into my latest canvas creations was ruminating, but the right time, or maybe just the courage required, had not yet come…

A New Card for the Stationary Collection

I am currently working on a new card to be added to the ever growing stationary collection… This is a flat one- sided 5×7 card with envelope that will soon show up for purchase in my online gallery.

Work in Progress

My longtime rival, the blank canvas. It is admittedly a love/hate relationship.

In preparation of PechaKucha Atlanta

My current project is challenging myself to speak more clearly and concisely about my artwork. It was the thoughtful nomination of a fellow artist and friend that propelled me into this next opportunity, PechaKucha Atlanta.

My Go-To Supplies

I have some art supplies that I consider to be my tried and true go-to’s. They are my favorites, my trusties, my familiar friends in the creative process. I thought I would take a moment to share them with you.

No Opportunity Too Small

There has been a steady momentum developing over the past year for ‘The Neuron Series’. Building such a focused body of work and having it consistently circulating through the public has been a new experience for me.

Recovering from the Creative Binge

My name is Geinene, and I am a creative binger.

There you have it, I confess to my frequent imbalance. All summer I had tunnel vision for a specific creative project.

The Parenthood of Art

I find the process of creating a piece of art similar to that of rearing children.

An Unfolding Series

While in Germany at The Art Factory, I have finally had the mental and physical space needed to embark on a new art series.

Defining A Style

I was asked recently to share with an art group on “how I paint from my imagination”.

Coming ‘Home’

No matter what country I find myself in, if I walk into an art studio, it immediately feels like home.

Permission to Ruminate

I have been ruminating on ideas for a potential artwork series for nearly two years. I don’t think I have ever had such a long incubation time for a concept