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Watch the Color Spread

It has been so encouraging to see the ColorATL project and its message of hope and community featured in various places, from local newspaper to far reaching blog.

Community Success

The ColorATL launch party and exhibition was a huge success! Thanks to all of you who came out in support!

Color ATL Launch Party

Come on out Thursday, Oct 27th from 6-10pm to help us commemorate the birth of the Color ATL coloring book project!

“The Artist is Present”

As an artist, I am always concerned with being authentically present in my work. This ‘being present’ is fueled by my honest dwelling in daily life, home, society, issues and in the lives of those around me.

My Bucket List

I had dreamed of going to the Kathe Kollwitz Museum for over 15 years. I so desired to see a whole collection of her original artwork in one place.

‘Facing Freedom’

When I see artists striving to make a social impact through the work of their hands, I’m inspired not to mentioned challenged.

Working With A Master

Instead of writing something myself this week, I figured it was more fitting to share my husband’s inspiring account of assisting the visual artist Liviu Mocan.