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Considering the Pay Off

We just participated in a local community art market last week. Events such as these, if attempted, involve every member of our family even if involuntarily.

Using Stress as Inspiration

It seems that stress is often the reason why I’m not making art, but recently the tables have turned and stress has become the driving force to get me back into the studio.

Introducing Our Kids to Art Galleries

We are regular visitors to art museums and galleries. This was a favorite pastime that my husband and I pursued before we had our children

Not Losing Heart

I used to churn artwork out at such a quicker pace. Working sporadically now, in between the hiccups of daily life, it takes extra determination

Are You Going To Make Art Now?

I have learned the critical role an art accountability partner can play. I don’t why it is the case, but often I can find every excuse to not do what I love to do…make art.

Accepting the Unexpected…aka ‘Mistakes’

As a young developing artist, I used to work quite meticulously, striving to gain more control over the medium and avoid any evidence of mistakes. Yet, I soon found that I made a lot more mistakes than I was able to cover up.

Why Not Take It Outside?

The truth: Some days my studio provides the perfect environment to create, some days it does not.

Some of the best advice I ever got…

“Marry someone who supports and encourages your pursuit as an artist,” my college sculpture professor highly suggested to me back in the day.

The Sacredness of Grief

Having just emerged from a difficult couple of years, my art can not help but be colored by my questions, struggles, and realizations.

That knot

Do you ever feel like your insides are in knots? An immovable lump sitting heavy in the pit of your gut? I get that often and, in fact, made it the subject matter of one of my recent pieces.

Encouragement Projects

Through intentionally creating visual representations of prayers, my faith and act of interceding for others becomes more tangible.