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New Day, New Synapse

I’m currently bouncing between several pieces, trying to create a variety of depictions to capture the magical and most mysterious act of ‘synapse’.

Coloring for a Cause

I am really excited about the invitation I received to partner with Color ATL, a new creative initiative bringing together 40 Atlanta-based artists in the effort to produce a most unique adult coloring book.

Putting My Art into Words

I have been most humbled by the interest not only in my artwork, but the personal journey that accompanies. Being a present parent and a practicing artist seems to be a topic with which many can relate.

The Mundane Place

Today, I waded through junk mail, tax forms, notifications, bills, grant applications, etc. while feeling trapped and disappointed that another potential day in the studio had been eaten up by the locusts of adulthood.

Unusual Art in Ordinary Places

I appreciate getting the opportunity to hang my art in places where it intersects with people’s everyday lives.

‘Mommy’ Has an Art Show

At this point, if I manage to even make it to my own art reception, I will consider it a huge accomplishment.

No Opportunity Too Small

There has been a steady momentum developing over the past year for ‘The Neuron Series’. Building such a focused body of work and having it consistently circulating through the public has been a new experience for me.

Recovering from the Creative Binge

My name is Geinene, and I am a creative binger.

There you have it, I confess to my frequent imbalance. All summer I had tunnel vision for a specific creative project.

“The Artist is Present”

As an artist, I am always concerned with being authentically present in my work. This ‘being present’ is fueled by my honest dwelling in daily life, home, society, issues and in the lives of those around me.

The Parenthood of Art

I find the process of creating a piece of art similar to that of rearing children.

Being Intentionally Accessible

There is a certain beauty I have experienced in having the opportunity to exhibit my art in my own community.

An Unfolding Series

While in Germany at The Art Factory, I have finally had the mental and physical space needed to embark on a new art series.

Passing Down Art Appreciation

A little boy in a big museum, that is how we started this stage of our art appreciation efforts here in Europe.

Coming ‘Home’

No matter what country I find myself in, if I walk into an art studio, it immediately feels like home.

Permission to Ruminate

I have been ruminating on ideas for a potential artwork series for nearly two years. I don’t think I have ever had such a long incubation time for a concept

Operation Studio Overhaul

My studio has been under-utilized these last few months. While, much of life has been the reason, there is also the excuse of it being ‘under construction’.