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The Parenthood of Art

The Parenthood of Art

I find the process of creating a piece of art similar to that of rearing children.

Being Intentionally Accessible

Being Intentionally Accessible

There is a certain beauty I have experienced in having the opportunity to exhibit my art in my own community.

An Unfolding Series

An Unfolding Series

While in Germany at The Art Factory, I have finally had the mental and physical space needed to embark on a new art series.

Defining A Style

I was asked recently to share with an art group on “how I paint from my imagination”.

Passing Down Art Appreciation

A little boy in a big museum, that is how we started this stage of our art appreciation efforts here in Europe.

My Bucket List

I had dreamed of going to the Kathe Kollwitz Museum for over 15 years. I so desired to see a whole collection of her original artwork in one place.

Coming ‘Home’

No matter what country I find myself in, if I walk into an art studio, it immediately feels like home.

Permission to Ruminate

I have been ruminating on ideas for a potential artwork series for nearly two years. I don’t think I have ever had such a long incubation time for a concept

Operation Studio Overhaul

My studio has been under-utilized these last few months. While, much of life has been the reason, there is also the excuse of it being ‘under construction’.

‘Facing Freedom’

When I see artists striving to make a social impact through the work of their hands, I’m inspired not to mentioned challenged.

Inspiring Impossibilities

When, I’m struggling to get in the creative groove, I need something for my senses to feast on, whether it be images, writing, or music.

Encouragement Projects

Through intentionally creating visual representations of prayers, my faith and act of interceding for others becomes more tangible.