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An Evening of Engagement

Thank you to everyone who attended the opening at Genema Gallery in downtown Atlanta. What a wonderful evening seeing familiar faces well aware of my journey personally and artistically, while also having the opportunity to meet new ones. It was the first time for even myself, to see the culmination of years of work on display in the same space, a visual journey hanging on the wall.

The Eve of An Exhibition Opening

It is the eve of an anticipated exhibition opening at Genema Gallery in Atlanta. Twenty-four hours before the curtain falls and all paintings are surprisingly dry, signed, varnished and framed. They lean against the wall eagerly waiting for careful transport and install later today.


Here is a glimpse of what multi-tasking looks like for a visual artist, most specifically me.

No Risk, No Gain

This idea of incorporating a bit of hand sewing into my latest canvas creations was ruminating, but the right time, or maybe just the courage required, had not yet come…

New Day, New Synapse

I’m currently bouncing between several pieces, trying to create a variety of depictions to capture the magical and most mysterious act of ‘synapse’.

On It Goes

Rather than succumb to the temptation of taking off in a completely new direction, I am challenging myself to continue on in my personal commitment to the Neuron Series.

Work in Progress

My longtime rival, the blank canvas. It is admittedly a love/hate relationship.

Watch the Color Spread

It has been so encouraging to see the ColorATL project and its message of hope and community featured in various places, from local newspaper to far reaching blog.

Community Success

The ColorATL launch party and exhibition was a huge success! Thanks to all of you who came out in support!

Color ATL Launch Party

Come on out Thursday, Oct 27th from 6-10pm to help us commemorate the birth of the Color ATL coloring book project!

Coloring for a Cause

I am really excited about the invitation I received to partner with Color ATL, a new creative initiative bringing together 40 Atlanta-based artists in the effort to produce a most unique adult coloring book.

In preparation of PechaKucha Atlanta

My current project is challenging myself to speak more clearly and concisely about my artwork. It was the thoughtful nomination of a fellow artist and friend that propelled me into this next opportunity, PechaKucha Atlanta.

Putting My Art into Words

I have been most humbled by the interest not only in my artwork, but the personal journey that accompanies. Being a present parent and a practicing artist seems to be a topic with which many can relate.

The Mundane Place

Today, I waded through junk mail, tax forms, notifications, bills, grant applications, etc. while feeling trapped and disappointed that another potential day in the studio had been eaten up by the locusts of adulthood.

Choosing to Dwell

The piece currently in process, developing ever so slowly, is a continuation of the neuron series. While still learning more on the topic of the plasticity of the mind and the effects of our thought life in relation, I am exploring yet new and different visuals…

‘Mommy’ Has an Art Show

At this point, if I manage to even make it to my own art reception, I will consider it a huge accomplishment.

“The Artist is Present”

As an artist, I am always concerned with being authentically present in my work. This ‘being present’ is fueled by my honest dwelling in daily life, home, society, issues and in the lives of those around me.