Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Geinene’s foundation in visual art originated from a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Sculpture earned from William Carey College on the Coast in Gulfport, MS (USA). She furthered her art studies at Lacoste School for the Arts in France and by living and working in Vienna, Austria for several years. Her extensive international travels throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East have contributed to her richness in artistic style as well as breadth of experience. She has both created art and exhibited internationally in places such as Turkey, Morocco, The Netherlands, Italy and in her current city of residence: Atlanta, GA (USA).

When not in her studio, she is a very present wife, mother of two and an advocate for using the arts as a bridge between peoples and cultures. She founded and directed the visual arts department of an international organization in which she organized, recruited and led multiple groups of international artists on cross cultural art-making excursions. She now serves as a consultant and continues to act upon her belief in the importance of artists being accessible by engaging a variety of audiences through exhibitions, writing, and teaching on a global level.

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