Thank you to everyone who attended the opening at Genema Gallery in downtown Atlanta. What a wonderful evening seeing familiar faces well aware of my journey personally and artistically, while also having the opportunity to meet new ones. It was the first time for even myself, to see the culmination of years of work on display in the same space, a visual journey hanging on the wall.

I appreciate having had the opportunity to engage in very thought provoking, one-on-one conversations with many, as well as encountered insightful questions during the artist talk. I am grateful for the shared interpretations and thoughtful feedback while also being further inspired to hear the personal reasons why some felt compelled to purchase certain pieces. I have come away from the evening with much food for thought and yet more ideas to spark the creation of future pieces.

“Pathways” Exhibition Artist Statement

This body of work began as visual prayers for our daughter with a rare genetic disorder. In my seeking to understand her physical condition and come to terms with the reality presented, I was drawn into the study of neurons and neuro-genesis. I grew intrigued by the beautiful complexity of the human mind and its ability to re-circuit itself around inflicted damage by creating new pathways. So much potential, transformative power and hope resides in these miniscule neurons working in the deepest recesses of our being.

Through creating on my daughter’s behalf, I came to realize that not only I, but all of us, have parts of our minds untapped and/or in desperate need of restoration. Vital to the transformation process is adopting new ways of thinking and living, much like a songbird which has been proven to possess the unique ability of regenerating neural pathways when learning new seasonal songs.

Renewing our minds can begin by heeding the encouragement to take every thought captive. We have the power to reclaim our thought life by practicing the simple, yet profound, discipline of being aware of even the smallest of notions and its influence to either lead us down a pathway of chaos and despair or life-giving peace and hope.

The exhibition will be up through the end of June. Opening hours being weekdays 9 am -5 pm or by appointment. Also look out for the possibility of another scheduled gallery tour and artist talk which I would like to arrange for those who missed the opening and would like to hear an expanded version of my artist statement.

* Photo Credit to Shawn Skinner