It is the eve of an anticipated exhibition opening at Genema Gallery in Atlanta. Twenty-four hours before the curtain falls and all paintings are surprisingly dry, signed, varnished and framed. They lean against the wall eagerly waiting for careful transport and install later today.

The final push before such an event is always exhilarating and exhausting. I have been perpetually covered in paint, having my hands physically shuffling from one piece of art to the next every waking hour.  My studio is in shambles as it has weathered, yet survived, the intensity of another creative storm. Now, is the time to come down from the adrenaline rush aware of the need to rest, recuperate and restore order once again.

I caught a glimpse of a fleeting rainbow that fell across the pile of artwork mounting outside my studio door. I take that as a hopeful and encouraging sign that all the investment made over the last six months has a purpose, even if the significance of it all may take time to be revealed.

I anticipate a deep sigh of relief as I walk away from the collection of paintings selected to hang on the gallery walls. At that point no matter the details unfinished or the ideas that still linger, I must accept that I have done as much as I could have and be satisfied with the efforts that were achieved. The rest I will leave for next time.

For those of you who can not make it to the opening tomorrow, I plan to debut all the same pieces on my online gallery the day after. So, if you are interested, check back this weekend for the release of nearly a dozen new works!