I am currently challenging myself by increasing the size of my two dimensional pieces. While the canvases are gradually growing, I am also seeking to incorporate new or resurrected materials.

I haven’t used tape in my artwork for well over twenty years and am pleased to re-discover that it still performs such simple magic. I am attempting, however, to take it up a notch in application… this seems to require many more rolls of tape.




Instead of only working from the position of adding layers of paint, the act of masking areas forces me to think about my desired outcome in a different way. There are certain things that can be predicted in this process as I envision the end product, however there are always happenings unforeseen. I enjoy watching the interplay taking place. Not only that, but I have been working so long and in such detail with depicting the organic shapes and fluid lines of neurons, that I am finding the hard lines the tape provides an interesting and challenging contrast.


The few works pictured are still in progress. I am aiming to finish them off by the end of this month to debut  in a solo exhibition planned at Genema Gallery in Atlanta.