blank-canvasMy longtime rival, the blank canvas. It is admittedly a love/hate relationship.

For lack of having wood on hand, I am going back to the canvas this time (of which I haven’t done in years) and may try some techniques that are not conducive to my usual medium. This will keep it interesting… and challenging for me.

Initially, I had no idea where this one was going. But, I am pretty excited with some discoveries made along the way with the materials. I have also been able to develop my concept a bit further during the process of laying the background and see a hint of new imagery I want to incorporate.




3-hrs-laterThree hours after the white canvas stand off, I have a foundation for the next piece in the ongoing neuron series. I’m currently focusing in on neurotransmitters and the act of synapses. There is so much material to be explored and used as inspiration. I am feeling a new momentum.