20160421_133951I have art supplies that I consider to be my tried and true go-to’s. They are my favorites, my trusties, my familiar friends in the creative process. I thought I would take a moment to share the things my artist self can rarely do without.


“We must remember that everything depends on how we use a material, not on the material itself… New materials are not necessarily superior. Each material is only what we make it.”                                – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


My Myriad of Paint Applicators and Manipulators

20160421_134358I have experimented with all kinds, yet these are the ones I keep coming back to:


– Cheaply priced, run of the mill all-purpose brushes with synthetic bristles. I can get a set of 3 from 1 to 3 inches for under $5. I love the way they pull paint and help me avoid the depths of guilt when I inevitably forget to wash them out.

– Thin, long bristled brushes. These are great for creating organic lines, I couldn’t reproduce intentionally even if I tried. They keep me open to spontaneous instead of over controlled brush strokes.


20160421_134220– Rubber tipped wedges of various sizes and patterns by Catalyst, some with paintbrush handles, others held in the palm of my hand. These are a brilliant invention for pushing paint around in unusual ways and making interesting effects.

– Hair combs, plain and simple. They will always be appreciated more for their creative mark making rather than their futile job of taming my hair.



20160421_134947– Credit Cards, more trusted in my studio than in my wallet. I finally found something to do with all those plastic credit card advertisements I get in the mail. I have been using them for years.




– Stencils20160421_134142. I have an obsession with them. I love their uniformity and the fact that I can now get all kinds of designs. I first fell in love with such repeated patterns when in North Africa. Now, my love for stencils has invaded much of my work.



20160421_134018Accent Paints:

– Interference Blue. My life changed when I purchased my first tube. I’m both intimidated and inspired by its liquid magic. Just a touch can create powerful and iridescent highlights.



– Metallic colors, for which I am a sucker. I use them l20160421_134043ike the royalty I am not. Liquid copper leaf, 3 – dimensoinal acrylic paints, permanent paint pens. I want gold, silver, copper, and bronze in any form I can get it.

20160421_134827– Prismacolor pencils. Last but certainly not least. I am still using the massive set I was required to bring to my junior high geography class for map coloring! These have stood the test of time! I have, of course, had to replace my favorite colors over the years, but I have gotten more than my (mom’s) money’s worth out of the set.  They deliver such a delicious and vibrant punch of color to drawings and also paintings. I even use them on wood!


“When an artist of talent makes a painting or a sculpture, he is always aware of the potentials and limitations of his materials; the better the artist, the more likely he is to know just what he can and cannot do with them.”      – Bruce Cole