DSC_1261 When in doubt of what to create next, I paint backgrounds… lots of them.

This is a strategy I have recently begun employing to help me up and over the creative hump, finding it rarely if ever disappoints.

Walking into this new studio space on residency here in Germany, it took me a few days to get over the intimidation factor and the ‘what do I make now‘ stage.

I began scrounging around, finding some lightweight boards and paint intended for general use. Nothing overly valuable or precious supply wise, just free and available. I DSC_1285stalled for a while, paced, organized, and then just decided I had nothing to lose and began wildly painting the boards. No plan, just freedom. I loaded board after board with color.

I have found that making backgrounds can have a great influence on me. If I don’t know where  or how to begin, I just decide to slap some paint on and before I know it the intimidation factor is far less and I may even gain an idea for direction. Now a few days into them, and I’m mysteriously full of ideas. When I’m at a temporary loss with where to go next with one, I just grab another background. Now, I find myself working on several pieces simultaneously and seeing the potential for a whole series I would have never seen coming.