I had dreamed of going to the Kathe Kollwitz Museum for over 15 years. I so desired to see a whole collection of her original artwork in one place. As of a week ago, I can finally mark this one off my bucket list.
What do you need to inspire you? Do you have a sort of bucket list for your artist self? Certain original works or artists you must be in closer contact with? I encourage you to pursue them.

DSC_0888While I had always imagined walking through these specific museum doors, I had not pictured what it would look like coming with a family. My two small children didn’t appreciate the depth of Kathe’s work as much as I wish they had. They wanted to rush me along. I think it had something to do with the urgent need for ice cream. Instead of having the uninterrupted time to take in each piece as had I desired, I was pulled in different directions. However, my husband helped out a huge deal, knowing how much this visit meant to me. I also found it made a difference when I actually took the time to explain to my six year son just how much it was a dream of mommy’s to see this artist’s work.

DSC_0765cropIn between the juggling, I was still able to take in the work and I found it so very compelling. I also realized that many pieces we know as the more famous images of hers, are not stand alone works, but a part of specific collections that tell a greater story. This changed how I viewed these images when seeing and understanding the intended narrative context. Oh, the power of her DSC_0747mark making! More than in books, to see this larger body of work in person left a deeper impression on me. I admit I even shed a few tears and had to again explain my behavior to my son.

I had really beautiful moments where I got the opportunity to pass down my appreciation of Kathe’s work to our children; so, I guess it’s a worthy trade off in some ways. (It also didn’t hurt that the gallery had complimentary toys for the children to help keep them occupied! Wow, I love German art museums!)

So maybe this dream wasn’t exactly fulfilled in the way I would have ordered it, yet it was accomplished and with the joy of having the people I love with me to experience it.