Detail of “Deciphering Stress”
Mixed Media

I’m thrilled that my persistence in submitting art for exhibition has paid off with now two out of three pieces being accepted.

I tried entering these same pieces for a few other exhibitions previously, but they were not selected. Different exhibitions are looking for different things and sometimes your art meets the criteria, fits the audience and holds well among the competition, but, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m encouraged that this time everything aligned for a good fit.

I wanted to maximize on the number of artworks I was able to submit, so I began a new piece in the week previous to the deadline. I felt it was evolving to be a much stronger piece and had a better chance of being accepted, but it was the one not selected. I’m not upset by its rejection because that gives me more time to go back and really finish it now without being rushed.

” Artists get better by sharpening their skills or by acquiring new ones; they get better by learning to work, and by learning from their work. They commit themselves to the work of their heart, and act upon that commitment. “

– Daivd Bayles, and Ted Orland, Art & Fear

I’m looking forward to seeing how other artists featured in the exhibition have visually translated the same theme of ‘stress/rest’. I anticipate enjoying the variety of materials, perspectives, and styles.