‘A Lamp Unto My Feet’
Acrylic on Wood
Limited edition prints available for purchase

I find the art forms of other cultures to be a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation to create new art. Past travels have provoked a particular affection for the art of the Arab world;  the rich jewel tones, magical harmony of colliding patterns, and the value of story that I encountered greatly influence my artwork.

“Everything that we encounter leaves traces behind. Everything contributes  imperceptibly to our education” – Goethe

The challenge of creating art that bridges with cultures different from my own, is especially intriguing. I find art such a powerful tool for creating collaboration and visual conversation. It provokes a desire in me to think about or see something in a new way, whether by engaging with unfamiliar materials, cultural traditions, or foreign contexts.


‘Women of the World Series, #1’
Mixed media on canvas
Limited edition prints available for purchase

“Even if you have an idea you would like to explore, it is valuable to expand your horizons by considering some of the ideas that other artists have investigated.” – Lucy Lamp

And, I would add my encouragement to intentionally look into the art of foreign cultures. I find it a practice that will not disappoint.