Often finding inspiration for a creating a piece of art doesn’t come as easily as I hope. I know that inspiration comes more easily while in the midst of creating. But lets face it, sometimes it is hard to give ourselves the permission to just go and play. I often need a plan to feel like my time is well invested.

I was in a creative rut when a friend asked me to create a piece of art focused on the subject of God’s love for us to share as a visual aid for a study group. I had a challenge before me, and while I had no idea how to begin, to be an obedient artist I felt the need to dive in. It was a painstakingly sporadic process, bit by bit, adding layers to my mixed media piece as the ideas trickled in. It was in the middle of my creating the piece that God engaged my understanding for His love for me in very unexpected way.

His Delight

‘His Delight’, Mixed media in resin on wood

The very piece that I thought I was creating for someone else, God used to actually challenge and touch me. What was taking place in my life at the time, lined up with what I was being challenged to believe about God… that He sees me and truly loves me. My grappling with this understanding, fueled my creative process. As I poured myself into this piece of art, I felt as if I was meeting with God. The inspiration to get away to the studio increased. It was a compulsion to continue with unfinished business, even when it was difficult. Little did I expect the piece of art to begin ministering to me, the artist, as it did. It was as if it was taking on a life aside from the one my hands were actively involved in. As much as I had been creating art in hopes to encourage others, it was with great surprise that I realized that God had me creating art to intentionally encourage me. He knew the time and the most profound way for me to hear what He had to say.