‘Depth of Insight’ *

Reading The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman years ago, helped me become more self aware in how I give and receive love, while also giving me a greater depth of insight into many of the relationships that bless my life. Identifying my need to not only receive encouragement but to give it, has challenged me to take what I used to think were fleeting thoughts of others into consideration of there being greater purpose for God bringing them to mind. These purposed reminders can become fuel for prayer and inspiration to create art focused on certain individuals and their circumstances. Through intentionally creating visual representations of these prayers, my faith and act of interceding for others becomes more tangible.

‘For Skylar’ **

And creating that space to think of others, listen on their behalf, and offer something beyond shallow encouragement has challenged me to become a more personal and intune artist, not to mention a generous artist. As I was once challenged by the words of a fellow artist, Hartmuth Hanisch, “A true artist is generous”. It seems then only right that these pieces of art, tangible prayers, be given as encouragements to those on which they were focused. Not only does this connect me more deeply with God and with others, but it also fulfills my other love language which is the need to give gifts. What a blessing to be an artist and have tangible encouragement to give to others.

Featured Artwork Information:
* “Depth of Insight”, Mixed media
Based on Philippians 1:9, created as encouragement and blessing for a friend’s marriage.
** “For Skylar”, Mixed media made for friends who lost their young daughter. While creating it, I felt as if I was in the grieving process along with them. My compassion for their loss was deepened.